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Living the blessed life is more than just having tangible items.  Living the blessed life begins by learning to hear the voice of God.  Dr. Mark L. Williams shows how Abraham, Elisha, and many others in the Bible pursued the blessed life by distinguishing and listening to voice of God.

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How to Pray the Perfect Prayer

Praying can seem difficult or even daunting. How do you do it, and, more importantly, how do you do it well? Dr. Raymond Culpepper recently shared some very practical teaching that will help you learn to pray the perfect prayer.

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There is a God Who will make you clean.

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The Gatekeepers

We are gatekeepers. The Lord wants us to be willing to open our lives and minds to allow the King to come in. The gatekeepers have direct access to the King.

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Emmanuel: God Is with Us

There are all kinds of loneliness and they are all terrible and heartbreaking. The worst, though is probably the existential loneliness of feeling separated from God. The good news this Christmas is that we are never alone: God is with us!

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A Wonder is a mystery or marvel; a sacred surprise. It leaves you filled with amazement and awe. Any time you approach the life or ministry of the life of Jesus Christ, you are approaching the greatest Wonder of them all.

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