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Desperation is a gift that everybody needs but nobody wants.

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All of us, from time to time, stand in need of renewal. There are seasons when we feel dry, or distanced, or even discouraged, and we need to draw close to God. The good news is that we can feel refreshed in God. We can be renewed.

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A Name That Conquers All

In Philippians chapter 2, there is a hymn that was sung by believers in New Testament times. In that hymn, we are reminded that there is a name that is above every name; a name that is above all.

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Rise And Build

Nehemiah is one of those books that we overlook, but it has a powerful message.

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A Forgiving God in an Unforgiving World

How many of us are trying to cover up our mistakes – or even the sin of our life – with temporary solutions? The answer to guilt is forgiveness, and the forgiveness we need is the forgiveness we can only receive from a holy, righteous, compassionate, and merciful God.

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What to Do With Worry

As children of God, we do not have to be overcome with cares and worries of this life. God has promised peace to us.

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