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His Blood Still Works (Mitchell Maloney)

When we something is “precious,” we mean that it is costly, it is rare. So it is with the blood of Jesus. There are many blood types in the world, but there is only one blood that can cleanse us from all sin.

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I Saw the Lord

Sometimes a very familiar passage from the Bible can suddenly take on a fresh new meaning. Let’s remember what happened “the year King Uzziah died.”

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Free Indeed

July 4 is a celebration of America’s Independence, but there is a greater freedom that all of us can experience in Jesus Christ. So many of us struggle with life-controlling issues, but, in Christ, we can all be free indeed.

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What’s So Amazing About Grace?

We use the word “grace” so many times and so many different ways, but how long has it been since we’ve stopped to consider what “grace” really means. Why is it important? Just what is so amazing about grace?

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Dad’s Don’t Miss…Or Do They?

What does it mean to honor your father? No father on earth is perfect, but how do you honor a father who was dishonorable?

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What It Means To Be Pentecostal (Part 2)

Pastor Williams continues his series “What Does It Mean To Be Pentecostal?”

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