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Almost There

There are times when God leads us to places that seem impossible to reach and calls us to do what seems impossible to do.

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Dude, You Hear What I Hear?

NCKids presents a musical about a shy girl who is trapped in a department store, Mondo-Mart, with mannequins who have come to life. They think they’ve learned what Christmas is about from the songs played over the store PA system, but they have more than a few things wrong. What can Taylor teach them about the true meaning of Christmas?

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Pass the Pillow

It’s been said that you’re either heading into a storm, you’re in the storm, or you’re coming out of a storm. The real question is, what do you do while you’re in the storm?

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A Changeless Christ for Changing Times

Regardless of how your life has changed, Jesus is one upon Whom you can depend. He is constant at all times.

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The God Who Always Performs an Encore

We all have times of inexplicable loss or defeat. In 1 Samuel 5, we read the account of the God who appears to be defeated, but Who is actually preparing for a great encore.

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Hidden In The Holy Place

There is hope for all of our daughters and sons who are stamped with Kingdom authority. King Joash was born in a time of great peril. Even as the Enemy was trying to stamp him out, God protected young King Joash in the House of God.

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