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A Report From a Man Who Tried Everything

What would it be like to try everything? So often, it’s what we try to do. In today’s message, Pastor Mark Williams tells the story of a man who did it, and what he found out.

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I’ll Love You Forever

Regardless of a woman’s status as mom—foster, adoptive, biological, career, mom in the Lord, grandmother, single, married—through the relationship you have in Jesus Christ, she is not second-rate, she has the favor of God. God does not look at you through the lens of your past or your mistakes or your failures; He looks at you through the blood of His Son.

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When You Want to Run Away From It All

We all tend to face times when it seems like it would be easier to just run—from our circumstances, from our jobs, from our situations. When you want to run, don’t. Instead, assume the power position: knees down, hands up, voice lifted, eyes looking up beyond the hills from which comes your help, and call upon the Lord!


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The Church That Jesus Is Building

Is the church just a building? Or did Jesus come to build a Church that not even all the power of Hell could possibly overcome?

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From the Garden to Calvary

The longest shadow in the word is the shadow of Calvary. It reaches from before the creation of the world to the return of Jesus.

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This series examines the message behind the miracles found the Gospel of John.

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