“Celebrating Our Past… Shaping Our Future”

How exciting it is when people have the opportunity to be a part of something that outlives themselves—to have an impact and influence far beyond their lifetimes. Such is the opportunity that the building of our new Children’s Ministry Complex will afford. It will be a building that will be used to help train and shape lives for generations to come.
Here are just some of the incredible opportunities that the new building will provide:

1. GROWTH As we continue to win new families to our church, the new building will support our growth and development.

2. SECURITY Moving our nursery and preschool department to the same building will greatly enhance security. Additionally, new security measures can be maximized with the newly designed facility.

3. CONVENIENCE Check-in and check-out will be tremendously enhanced. Currently many parents must go to different parts of our facilities to check their children in and out.

4. OUTREACH More space and more ministry opportunities will provide great opportunities to reach out to families in our community. The new building will make a very positive and strategic statement about how North Cleveland values ministry to children and families.

The new building will also open up many other ministry opportunities for us including:

1. MIDDLE SCHOOL RELOCATION Relocating our middle school ministry to the current children’s ministry areas will provide them with more space, improved space, and space adjacent to our high school ministry.

2. MORE ADULT CLASSROOMS Additional adult classrooms can be developed in the areas where nursery/preschool, children’s, and middle school ministries will be vacating.

3. CONSOLIDATING ALL STUDENT MINISTRY OFFICES Utilizing the vacated nursery ministry space, a new student ministry office complex will be developed.

Our new Children’s Ministry Complex would provide all of these ministry opportunities—and so much more. As never before, we will be poised to reach, teach, train, care for, and shape the lives of generations to come.

Ready to partner with us?

At North, we believe children are our most precious gifts from The Lord. We want to provide a place for them that's secure, exciting, and easy for parents to navigate.  Consider joining us as together we "Rise and Build".